To address our objectives, we are undertaking numerous tasks with substantial contributions from the community.

For further information, please refer to the latest GEO Mountains Implementation Plan.


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Get Involved

GEO Mountains is an open and inclusive network. If you are involved in the mountain sphere (as a research scientist, data provider, environmental manager, governmental official, member of a non-governmental organization, or other interested party) and would like to contribute your expertise towards our objectives or keep up with our latest news, please contact!

Some potential benefits of involvement are:

  • Fulfill an important mission, with policy and practical impacts
  • Connect and collaborate with colleagues across diverse disciplines and regions
  • Maintain the legacy, sustainability, and impact of shorter-term projects
  • Support Open Data and Open Science efforts
  • Gain enhanced personal and/or institutional recognition and visibility
  • Help maintain the continuity of global assessments, including associated monitoring and reporting (e.g. IPCC, SDGs, etc.)
  • Become eligible for funding calls associated with GEO (via MRI as a Participating Organisation in GEO)

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