In the context of GEO Mountains Task Group 2.3, which aims to identify a set of Essential Socioeconomic Variables to be monitored across mountains globally, you are kindly invited to provide your feedback on our current candidate ESV list via the survey accessible below. The survey will remain active until Friday, 7 April 2023.


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GEO Mountains established Task Group 2.3 in January 2022 with the objective of identifying Essential Socioeconomic Variables (ESVs) required for understanding and monitoring key global change processes in mountain social-ecological systems. Task Group 2.3 complements ongoing work to identify and establish databases for Essential Mountain Climate Variables (see Thornton et al. 2021) and Essential Biodiversity Variables in mountains.


About the candidate ESV list

Through two previous workshops, we have developed a list of candidate ESVs. We are now opening this list up to the wider mountain research and other stakeholder communities for feedback and final ESV additions. Your valuable input will help ensure good geographic and disciplinary representativness. All feedback is welcome.


Next steps

Following this feedback round, the candidate ESV list will be refined through a process of prioritisation during further workshops and an online process. Once a prioritised list has been established, data availability for these ESVs will be assessed. Variables with available data of sufficient quality will be incorporated into a geospatial dataset of global mountain Essential Socioeconomic Variables. In this way, by building upon your expertise and in collaboration with our various partner organisations, we hope to ultimately improve the present socioeconomic data situation across the world’s mountains.

Find out more about ways to get involved and the benefits of participating in the work of GEO Mountains here.

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