Add Your Sites to the GEO Mountains Inventory of In Situ Observational Infrastructure 

We warmly invite contributions to our Inventory of In Situ Observational Infrastructure from the global community of mountain researchers and practitioners. You can do so by clicking the button below. Please add sites that are currently missing, and/or improve the information regarding existing sites. Showcase your field efforts and increase the reuse and impact of your datasets!

To be considered for inclusion, sites should be “mountainous” (according to one or other delineation / definition). Ideally, a separate web page providing basic information would exist for each site, although sites without a dedicated webpage but which have been comprehensively described in the peer-reviewed literature can also be included. If you wish to provide additional or corrected information for a site already in the inventory, please indicate the GEO Mountains ID according to the most recent version of the inventory.

If you have lengthy lists of sites you would like to contribute in tabular format, please send these to us directly at

Variables can be matched with the so-called Essential Mountain Climate Variables (EMCVs) that were preliminary defined by Thornton et al. (2021). Where applicable, submitters are also encouraged to indicate that sites measure other or more specific variables pertaining to different topics, for instance biodiversity/ecology and society/economy.

Submit to the GEO Mountains Inventory of In Situ Observational Infrastructure.

Share Other Resources via the GEO Mountains General Inventory

To share other resources with the community (e.g., remotely sensed datasets, simulated datasets, open source codes, other tools), please make a submission to the GEO Mountains General Inventory by clicking the button below.

The GEO Mountains General Inventory will be online soon.

Submit to the GEO Mountains General Inventory.

For any general queries, please contact

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