The newly formed Global Network for Geoscience and Society (GNGS) seeks the mountain research community's input. 

The GNGS will address aspects of science-policy while also highlighting non-policy-related opportunities for civic-minded geoscientists to address societal challenges related to natural resource exploitation, environmental contamination, natural hazards, and climate change. 

GNGS is currently asking for feedback on the design of this new platform that will be guided by input from end-users.

Geoscientists and geoscience organizations, in partnership with communities and decision makers around the globe, have a unique potential to resolve many challenges facing human civilization today.  We are experiencing firsthand the effects of unprecedented climate change following centuries of loss to the natural environment, but we are also evolving from a model of linear growth to one that is circular and within planetary limits.  We can meet our current needs and provide for future generations if we design for climate resilience with the goal of reaching net-zero impact.  

To address these issues we, a group of geoscience organisations and interested parties and creating a Global Network for Geoscience and Society that will provide an opportunity for people across the globe to share their geoscientific knowledge and experience and gain assistance from others to advance local and regional resilience and sustainability initiatives.  It will link together existing regional networks and allow participation by individuals and communities not now associated with other efforts on a scale not yet realized.  

You can have your say on this new initiative by contributing to this 15-10 minute survey!


Original article provided by GNGS via EGU. 

Image by Armin Forster

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