The African Mountain Research Foundation (AMRF) is UK-based charity established in 2022 with the ambitious objective of helping to safeguard southern Africa’s fragile, neglected, and vitally important mountain systems. 

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, much progress has been made progress has been made over the last two years. Amongst other achievements: 

  • Four high-elevation (>1,700 m) weather stations have been installed in Zimbabwe and Malawi.
  • The first ever southern African mountain conference (SAMC2022) was organized in the Maloti-Drakensberg mountains, and welcomed 300 mountain scientists from across Africa, Europe, and North America.
  • Zimbabwean post-graduate scientists were sponsored to conduct field research in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands.
  • A residential research station was opened at 3,069 m on the Maloti-Drakensberg.
  • A residential research station was constructed on Malawi’s Mount Mulanje. 

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