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The workshop, held from the 25 to 27 June 2023 in Bern, Switzerland, aimed to refine the concept of the Uniform High-Elevation Observing Platform (UHOP) and discuss how the prospective network could help deliver an improved understanding of climate change across different elevation gradients and potentially also support other applications such as Early Warning Systems.

We would like to sincerely thank all members of GEO Mountains who submitted a proposal to the GEO Mountains Small Grants Programme 2023. In total, 96 proposals were received, which made the selection process very challenging!

On the 5 July 2023, the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), GEO Mountains, the Scientific Network for the Caucasus Mountain Region & Sustainable Caucasus, UNEP/GRID-Geneva, and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) co-convened a workshop in Kutaisi, Georgia within the context of the Caucasus Mountain Forum 2023.  

The GEO Mountains General Meeting took place on 12 June at the University of Geneva, bringing together members of the network and other stakeholders. The meeting served as a platform for sharing updates, exchanging ideas, and fostering collaboration among participants involved in mountain research, policy, and practice. 

The GEO Symposium 2023, at which the Post-2025 Strategy and Work Programme Activities were discussed, took place on the 13 and 14 June. It was immediately followed on the 15 and 16 June by the first GEO Open Data & Open Knowledge (ODOK) Workshop

On 28 April 2023 the MRI, GEO Mountains, and iLEAPS hosted a workshop that aimed to enhance the disciplinary and geographical representation in the consultation processes seeking to establish a set of EMCVs.

Between the 18-20 April 2023, the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), GEO Mountains, the University of Reading, the Central-Asian Regional Glaciological Center under the auspices of UNESCO (CARGC), and the Kazakhstan Institute of Geography and Water Security co-convened a workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the topic of “Mountain Observatories”.  

Join us throughout 2023 for a workshop series on mountain observatories and data/information prospects, building on the responses and suggestions shared in an earlier series of virtual workshops held throughout 2020-2022.

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