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GEO Open Data & Open Knowledge Workshop

15/06/2023 16/06/2023


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Geneva, Switzerland

About the workshop

The Data Working Group, together with the GEOSS Platform and the GEO Knowledge Hub teams are organizing a two-day Open Data and Open Knowledge workshop that will take place in Geneva from 15-16 June 2023.

The workshop—held in person for the first time in three years—will provide the GEO community with an opportunity to discuss technical advances, challenges, and solutions. It follows the endorsement of the GEO Statement on Open Knowledge in 2021 and aims to enable all GEO Work Programme activities to embrace open knowledge practices.


  • Highlight the ongoing efforts of the GEO Community towards open and reproducible knowledge.
  • Support open science - citizen science, crowdsourcing,
  • Empower all users to access and use open EO based applications in the various engagement priorities and main conventions.
  • Promote open knowledge applications to the youth community, as well as to less represented communities.
  • Align the GEO community and its activities with the open and reproducible knowledge vision.
  • Use of open EO in situ data and EO-space based data as well as knowledge for international policy frameworks.
  • Explore and discuss technological advances that facilitate the implementation of open knowledge.
  • Provide an opportunity for data & knowledge providers to meet users working on GEO engagement priorities.
  • Discuss with GWP activities EO data gaps (VHR Space based EO Data- In situ); knowledge gaps and needs.
  • Discuss gaps and needs versus statistical data to support development of knowledge-based products.
  • Align and update on technological aspects of GEO infrastructure.


GEO Mountains Sessions

  • Session 3: Open In Situ Data (Thursday, 15 June, 14:30-18:00) "Never Enough: the neverending need for actionable data in the Mountains" by Edoardo Cremonese - GEO Mountains / Environmental Protection Agency of Aosta Valley.
  • Session 6: Open EO Applications by GWP Activities (Friday, 16 June, 08:30-13:30) "Human populations in the world’s mountains: Spatio-temporal patterns and potential controls" by James Thornton - GEO Mountains
  • Practical demonstration: Operation applications (Friday, 16 June, 08:30-13:30) "Efficient zonal statistics over complex geometries using PostGIS" by James Thornton - GEO Mountains

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