A faster tropical upper-tropospheric warming is having a negative impact on the overall integrity of páramo environments.

The goal of our long-term, multi-tiered research project is to deepen our understanding of the function and importance of these environments and assess the best suite of adaptation strategies for their conservation.

The socio-ecological mountain monitoring system integrates seven components: (i) long-term changes in key circulation dynamics; (ii) diagnostics of water balance and potential changes in hydrological regimes; (iii) assessments of biodiversity levels and vulnerabilities; (iv) role of anthropic disturbances; (v) carbon capture and storage in soils, peatlands and aquatic microhabitats; (vi) socio-economic factors; and (vii) long-term changes in climatic conditions (from past climate reconstructions and analysis of instrumental periods to climate model projections). 

Website: http://comunidad.eia.edu.co/blog/poleka-kasue-observatorio-socio-ecologico-de-montana/ (Currently under construction)

Contact: Dr. Daniel Ruiz Carrascal, Columbia University in the City of New York (pfcarlos@iri.columbia.edu)

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