The Adaptation at Altitude Solutions Portal allows users to access and explore comprehensive knowledge on tried and tested climate change adaptation solutions for mountain regions, see where they have been implemented, and by who.

Thportal contains short and detailed ‘solutions.’ Detailed solutions provide in-depth information, including on main and co-beneficiaries, outcomes, planning and implementation, finance, innovation, evaluation, sustainability, capacities for design and implementation, barriers, and scalability. All solutions include useful documents and links for further information.

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Solutions will continue to be added to the database over time. Interested in contributing your work? Click here.

Interested in learning about adaptation in mountains? Explore resources and connect with others through the Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains theme on

The functionality of the Adaptation at Altitude (A@A) Portal will continue to be improved. Is there something you would like to see? Let us know here.

Connecting platforms

The Adaptation at Altitude team are keen to work with other platform managers to make sure the portal connects with and highlights existing knowledge and solutions on adaptation in mountains. Work to connect the A@A Portal with GEO Mountains is underway. If you are interested in finding ways to connect with the portal, please contact Julia Barrott:

ThAdaptation at Altitude Solutions Portal has been developed as part of the Adaptation at Altitude programme funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Find out more about the approach to the development of the database here.

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This text was provided by Julia Barrott, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). 

Image by Isma Noor.

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