The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) introduced the Resource Mobilisation Toolkit (RM Toolkit) in October 2023 to aid in the identification of suitable donors and simplify the process of donor mapping.

RM Cycle

The GEO Resource Mobilisation Toolkit (RM Toolkit) is a capacity development resource that provides a systematic and targeted approach to planning and implementing resource mobilisation activities. It includes guidance information, tools, checklists and practical tips tailored specifically for the GEO community. The unique and specific context of the GEO Work Programme presents a set of challenges and opportunities for mobilising resources. The RM Toolkit is designed to maximise these opportunities, minimise challenges, and share lessons learned across the Work Programme. Its primary goal is to build the capacity of the GEO Flagships, Initiatives and Pilot Initiatives in developing targeted and effective resource mobilisation plans to secure resources for specific activities.

The RM Toolkit has been designed to address the needs of a community with a broad range of skills and experience. Users can select the approach that will address their needs by following one of three pathways to using the RM Toolkit. The flexibility of the RM Toolkit also enables an incremental approach to resource mobilisation capacity development to reflect time and resource constraints. 

Below is an overview of some of the available tools:

RM Capability Checklist

RM Resource Map


Learn more about the motivations of the RM Toolkit in the GEO article: Unveiling the first GEO resource mobilization toolkit.

Download the RM Toolkit

 Images and most of the text directly comes from the RM Toolkit, developped by the Group on Earth Observations(GEO)

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