Smart EcoMountains project is a joint initiative to create a physical and a virtual research infrastructure to enable the compilation of biodiversity and other data in the region.

It is an institutional project of the University of Granada associated with the European Research Infrastructure LifeWatch-ERIC to develop a Thematic Center on Biodiversity, Global Change and Sustainable Development in mountains with international projection, using the Sierra Nevada mountain as a case study. (Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula).

The mission of Smart Ecomountains is to:

  1. Generate information on biodiversity, ecosystem services and global change in mountain ecosystems, applying a Data Management Plan that guarantees that all the information collected is reliable, traceable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.
  2. Develop new technological tools and services that make it easier for scientists to exchange, locate, access and analyze data to improve our knowledge about mountain ecosystems and the main global change processes that affect them.
  3. Create educational content and management tools that inform society about the most important global change processes that affect biodiversity and mountain ecosystem services, supporting managers, policymakers and citizens in making scientifically based decisions.

Among other projects, Smart EcoMountains developed a free Learning Platform, available on their website, which showcases several resources, information and infographics on the Sierra Nevada.

Please note that some of the resources are in Spanish.  

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Picture above: screenshot of the Smart EcoMountains Learning Hub. 


Discover the Learning Hub

Cover photo by Ashim D’Silva

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