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The Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) conducted a data rescue mission in the country's vital water tower regions, including Mount Kenya, Mt. Elgon, and Cherangany Hills. The primary goal was to retrieve historical meteorological data from various observing stations in these critical areas. In the Mt. Kenya region, data were rescued from the Borana, Mugie, Ol Jogi, South Marmanet, and Lamuria stations. In the Mt. Elgon region, data were rescued from the Nzoia Sugar Factory, ADC Japata, Suam Orchards, and Mt. Elgon Orchards stations. In the Cherangany Hills region, data were rescued from the Sing’ore District Forest, Elgeyo Forest, and Moiben-Chebara Dam stations.

The project successfully identified and engaged with various organisations running observing stations, both governmental & non-governmental (including research, nature conservancies, and community-based organisations), enabling invaluable meteorological data to be rescued. The data were digitised and incorporated into KMD’s database. Looking ahead, to ensure the sustainability of this valuable data, the project team hope to establish ongoing relationships with the identified stations and sign data exchange agreements. Technical support will be provided to improve equipment and observation quality, while co-development of climate information products will aid decision-making in ecosystem conservation. To address the limited awareness and capacities, the project team plans to conduct regular outreach campaigns on the significance of meteorological observation.  Overall, this project highlights the need for collaboration, technical support, and awareness to ensure the long-term availability and quality of critical meteorological data for climate change mitigation and adaptation. 


Main outputs: 

The main project outputs are scanned meteorological records, digitised data, and field photos. 

Contact: Dr. Joyce Kimutai, Principal Meteorologist, Kenya Meteorological Department:

Image by Joyce Kimutai

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