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GEO Mountains General Meeting 2021

30/11/2021 14:00 16:00

GEO Mountains Event

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Free, registration required.

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We invite all GEO Mountains members / participants and other interested parties to attend the GEO Mountains General Meeting 2021. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the initiative co-leads and scientific officer to share recent activities and future plans with the community, as well as discuss possibilities for collaboration and engagement.

1. Welcome
2. Recent updates from GEO Mountains
3. Discussion regarding Task Groups
4. Update from GEO Mountains participants about ongoing projects that could contribute to our objectives
5. AOB

To attend, please complete the registration form below. Upon registration, you will receive a Zoom meeting link and passcode automatically. You will also receive the link again prior to the workshop.

For any questions, please contact james.thornton@unibe.ch.


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