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Inter- and transdisciplinary mountain data across Central Asia: Identifying user requirements and access preferences

28/10/2021 9:00 11:30

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  • Contacts

    • Dr. James Thornton, Mountain Research Initiative & GEO Mountains (james.thornton@unibe.ch)
    • Dr. Carolina Adler, Mountain Research Initiative & GEO Mountains (carolina.adler@unibe.ch)
    • Prof. Maria Shahgedanova, University of Reading, UK and Lead of the MRI’s Mountain Observatories Working Group (m.shahgedanova@reading.ac.uk)
    • Prof. Igor Severskiy, Institute of Geography and Water Security, Republic of Kazakhstan & Central Asian Regional Glaciological Centre under the auspices of UNESCO 

    Regional lead partners

    • Institute of Geography and Water Safety (KIG), Kazakhstan
    • Central Asian Regional Glaciological Centre under the auspices of UNESCO (CARGC)

    The discoverability, accessibility, and usability of a wide range of environmental and socio-economic data are crucial prerequisites to both the advancement of science and a range of more practical applications related to sustainable development, climate change adaptation, and natural hazard mitigation in the world’s mountainous regions. 
    By drawing upon the contributions of regional experts including research scientists, practitioners, local and regional authorities, and other stakeholders, and acknowledging all previous and ongoing efforts and initiatives in the region, this workshop will seek to develop a broad, interdisciplinary, and systematic understanding of the current “data situation” across a range of relevant disciplines in the Central Asian region. It will be co-convened by the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), GEO Mountains, the University of Reading, and several local partner organisations under the umbrella of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s Adaptation at Altitude Programme (https://adaptationataltitude.org/adaptation-at-altitude). 
    Following two introductory presentations, the principal objective of the workshop will be addressed initially via open discussion. The following questions are of particular interest: i) what requirements do users of mountain data have with respect to online database(s)/portal(s) through which mountain data is made searchable and downloadable?, ii) which organizations and institutions are major providers of relevant data in the region?, iii) what disciplines / regions currently benefit from a good or satisfactory coverage and availability of data (i.e. examples of good practice)? and iv) what are the major gaps in terms of data discoverability, accessibility, and usability that are currently experienced by data users? 
    Thereafter, attendees will be invited to complete a survey to allow information to be captured in a more systematic fashion. Since this workshop is one of a series that GEO Mountains are conducting across the world’s mountains in conjunction with regional partners, the survey element specifically intends to ensure that comparisons can be made between these regions. This should ultimately enable us to target our subsequent efforts to improve the situation most appropriately, i.e. by focussing on disciplines / regions where critical information is most lacking. 
    More generally, it is hoped that through this dialogue, crucial data-dependent applications and efforts will be identified and strengthened. For instance, we hope to expand our data and resource inventories (currently under development) with contributions from the region and identify opportunities collaborations and exchanges that support the overlapping objectives of local stakeholders, the MRI, GEO Mountains, and local partner organisations.
    Date: 28 October 2021 | Time: 09:00-11:30 CEST | Location: Online | Language: English, with translation into Russian provided

    1. Introduction to GEO Mountains – James Thornton / Carolina Adler
    2. A regional perspective / setting the scene – Maria Shahgedanova and/or Igor Severskiy (TBC)
    3. Brief demonstration of GEO Mountains’ in situ and general inventories – James Thornton
    4. Discussion of the questions – All
    5. Data needs survey – All 

    Please register below before 25 October 2021. Upon registration, you will receive a Zoom webinar link and passcode automatically. You will also receive the link again prior to the workshop.

    For any questions, please contact james.thornton@unibe.ch.

    Download the flyer.


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